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  Better to master a limited amount of gear than have a lot of gear that gets little or no use.

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Green Flaslight

Light and Visuals


Fire and Brimstone


Shelter n' Sleep

Solar Panels on Roof

Power Sources

Metal Water Bottle

Food and Water

Camouflage Lizard

Other gear, and stuff

Patent Preparation and Prosecution


Water bladder/bag, 2 liter

The best water procurement bag

I have come across. Easy to fill

and clean. Fits the Sawyer filter. Bombproof. 

My review is here:       


Water purification tablets

Best ones on the market against bacteria, virus, etc...

Ingredients made in USA.

Larger packs available.

Keep them in every bag,

every kit for SHTF.

Filters can fail, and you can't

always heat water to purify it! 

Ferro rod, 12,000 strike

Big enough to throw serious

spark, small enough to pocket

or attach to your knife sheath.

Won't weigh you down like the

monster rods.

 Top quality product, includes emergency whistle in striker!

Variety of colors.

Folding saw, 9 inch, 7 teeth

per inch. Cuts on forward and 

back stroke.

Gets the job done at a low cost.

Great for detail work, limb

cutting, small logs, etc...

Lightweight, great for bug out


 Ferro Rod 1,000 strike

Works great, compact design,

comfortable to use. I like to

stash this item in my canteen holder and other survival kits.

Quality product, good value.

Flashlight, waterproof, zoom,

AAA  or  CR123 batteries, 230

lumens, low price, sheath,

diffuser, well made...

Great flashlight for the money.

Still using mine for over a year. 

 Zoom is superb.

Headlamp, waterproof, 250

lumen, red and green light,

OD green available

140 hours of light

This headlamp is my go-to.

Dependable and super tough.

Great features, salt water

resistant, comfortable.

Flashlight, solar and hand crank

Waterproof, heavy duty!

Not the cheapest solar light, but

this one is more rugged, longer

lasting, and not too heavy.

Great bug out bag choice.

Say goodbye to batteries in SHTF

Solar charged battery power!

 Wi-Fi control with your phone,

1500 watt, 3000 watt surge

I have run 2 fridges, circular saws,

small compressor, etc... with this.

 Cheaper than comparable items.

For big savings, get at Costco.

See my review here:


Solar Panel, Goal Zero

Available in both higher and lower wattage, or in briefcase style.

 Left out in the rain, no problems.

The more you have, the better.

Not that great when cloudy. Lightweight and portable.

Work, camp, search light.

Bright, rechargeable, powerbank, waterproof, wide flood, 3 modes, dependable, weight one pound.

 Use the discount code on my review video:  https://youtu.be/l-vRbcplKdE

Sawyer Mini Water Filters

 Popular for a good reason. 100k gallon treatment. Use the CNOC Vecto water bladder instead of provided water bag.

Red dot sight. Compact, lightweight, dependable, its a Sig Saur!

I use this on my Colt AR to keep it lightweight and sleek. 

 Most importantly, it looks tacticool!

 Used mine just over one year so far,

still operates and looks like new.

40k hour battery life. Water and fog proof, ten illumination settings,

MOTAC, picatinny low rise mount and co-witness riser included.

Best guncase I have come across for the money. Tough, rainproof, padded.

 Holds rifle with most attachments, plus mags, tools, etc... Remove foam as needed to secure guns and gear. Monitor price, it fluctuates often.

Holds 25 shells, and the 

tacticool multicam can't be

beat. Easy to flip open and 

access shells. Molle straps.

 Top quality product.

13 watts, chainable, efficient,

lightweight, pocket for storage

Durable, weather resistant.

Lots of solar charging options

out there, but this has proven its reliability and Goal Zero has

a good reputation.

You know about the dangers 

we face, but does your cat?

Also applicable to dogs, turtle,

mice, and horses.

 A must have for the serious 

prepper or responsible pet

owner. Ignorant animals

around you during SHTF is bad

news for everyone.

Stay clean, without the

dangerous chemicals

of most wet wipes.

Biodegradable, unscented,

large, tough.

Discount code for 10% off:


Shelter and sleeping

bags all in one. One patrol bag, one colder weather bag, waterproof bivy, compression sack. Snap them together or use separately.  Check reviews to make sure each piece is genuine USGI.

Full Tang Mora

Excellent mounting 


See my review here:


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